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BoxBeers Advent Calendar 2016 + Which Was Best? [3/3]

BoxBeers Advent Calendar

So despite already having two beery advent calendars I couldn’t resist ordering a third. After talking myself out of the Mikkeller calendar I decided I’d like one that wasn’t tied to a single brewery. My favourite Manchester bottle shop, Beermoth, were doing one for £100, which I just knew would be fantastic. But I was swayed by the allure of ...

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To Øl – To Ølekalender 2016 (Advent Calendar) [2/3]

To Øl Advent Calendar

I really loved my To Ølekalender last year. So despite already having another two beer advenet calendars (BrewDog here, third is coming soon) I couldn’t resist getting it again. Here’s what I thought of the 2016 version… Well, we didn’t get off to a great start to be honest. Gone are the lovely brightly coloured, individually wrapped bottles of last ...

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BrewDog Advent Calendar 2016 [1/3]

BrewDog Advent Calendar

Remember how last year I couldn’t choose between Mikkeller and To Øl advent calendars? So I ended up with both? Well, it happened again. In fact, this year I was even more undecided. There were five that I wanted. Yes, five! Including both of the above. In the In the end I managed to talk myself out of the Mikkeller ...

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The Twelve Beers Of Christmas 2016 (#12BeersofXmas)

12 Beers Of Xmas 2016

I know, Christmas is long forgotten. And good bloggers published their ’12 Beers Of Christmas’ post well before the decorations came down. Well, not me. I was too busy having fun and enjoying drinking the beers to write about them. At least I remembered to post them daily on Twitter and Instagram this year! As well as Untappd of course. Better late ...

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Golden Pint Awards 2016

Golden Pints Awards 2016

I know these posts are supposed to be published before the end of the year but I was too busy, well, drinking beer. And to be honest, they also took me far longer than I expected. It turns out I drank a hell of a lot of beer in 2016 (according to Untappd: 2347 total, 1391 unique!) And the vast ...

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The Twelve Beers Of Christmas 2015 (#12BeersofXmas)

12 Beers Of Xmas

For my first Christmas as a beer blogger,q I wanted to showcase some of the special beers that I’d saved for the festive period. After spending ages thinking about how to go about it, I realised that just like when I found out that ‘Golden Pints’ already exist, there’s also an established format in the beer blogging community. ‘Twelve Beers ...

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Golden Pint Awards 2015

Golden Pint Awards 2015

When I started this beer blog a few months ago I intended my end of year post to follow the same format as the ‘Food Geek Awards’ over on my food blog. But that was before I know ‘Golden Pints’ were already a thing in the beer blogging community. I thought long and hard about whether to stick with my ...

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To Øl – To Ølekalender 2015 (Advent Calendar)

To Ølekalender 2015

Over the last couple of years To Øl, the gypsy brewer from Copenhagen have become my favourite international brewery. Replacing Mikkeller, with whom there are a lot of similarities in both the style of beers they produce and the way they produce them. It’s not surprising really since Tobias and Tore of To Øl and Mikkel of Mikkeller were friends ...

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Mikkeller Julepakkekalender 2015 (Advent Calendar)

Mikkeller Advent Calendar 2015

I decided I wanted a ‘beer advent calendar’ this year. But after being frustrated at the lack of quality in the UK options (a definite gap in the market), I looked further afield. As soon as I saw Mikkeller were doing one, a ‘Julepakkekalender’, I had to get it. It arrived in plenty of time but I was a little disappointed with ...

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Christmas Food, Beer & Festive Cheer @ Great Ale, Bolton Market

Christmas Food & Beer @ Great Ale

After running a successful food and beer pairing event at the newly opened Wigan Central, I brought my ‘Christmas Food, Beer & Festive Cheer’ to one of my favourite places two days later; Great Ale in Bolton Market’s Lifestyle Hall. Despite tickets being cheaper, the Bolton event proved to be even better than the original in Wigan. Mostly thanks to the ...

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